The summary of the feedback of the course

Course or exam 5213-A French I A - Working in Professional French 1, Hki
Type Course
Org. Languages: French, Helsinki
Teacher(s)  Duché, Gauthier
Time 30.08.2021-10.12.2021
Participants 27
Answer percentage 85.19 %

Answer alterantives
1 = I totally disagree
2 =
3 =
4 =
5 = I totally agree
Code Question Average Std Median Number of evaluations
1 Give a grade to the course as a whole (1= lowest, 5= highest grade) 4.22 0.85 4.0 23
2 I would recommend the course to other students 4.39 0.89 5.0 23
3 I have achieved the learning goal of the course and have the expected knowledge and skills 4.04 0.98 4.0 23

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