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  1. 2020
  2. Accepted/In press
    Simon, D 2020, 'Trademark Law & Consumer Safety', Florida Law Review, vol. 72.
  3. Accepted/In press
    Holmlund, M, Van Vaerenbergh, Y, Ciuchita, R, Ravald, A, Sarantopoulos, P, Villarroel-Ordenes, F & Zaki, M 2020, 'Customer Experience Management in the Age of Big Data Analytics: A Strategic Framework', Journal of Business Research.
  4. Pura, M 2020, Asiakasymmärryksen oravanpyörästä ikiliikkujaksi. in Asiakkuusmarkkinoinnin vuosikirja 2020. Suomen asiakkuusmarkkinointiliitto, Helsinki, pp. 42.
  5. Bruun, N & Schovsbo, J 2020, The implementation of the Trade Secrets Directive in the Nordic Countries. in Forthcoming in spring 2020. Edward Elgar Publishing.
  6. Accepted/In press
    Salin, D 2020, ''Competent’ or ‘Considerate’? The Persistence of Gender Bias in Evaluation of Leaders', Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, vol. 10, no. 1.
  7. Accepted/In press
    Lee, N 2020, Between Contract and Legislation - Inventions and Employment in Korea and Japan. in N Bruun & ML Mansala (eds), Handbook on Intellectual Property and Employment Law. Edward Elgar Publishing.
  8. Accepted/In press
    Fellman, J & Eriksson, A 2020, Birth Weight and Future Life-span in Finnish Triplets. in Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1. Book Publisher International.
  9. D'Cruz, P, Noronha, E, Caponecchia, C, Escartin, J, Salin, D & Tuckey, M (eds) 2020, Dignity and Inclusion at Work. Handbooks of Workplace Bullying, Emotional Abuse and Harassment , vol. 3, Springer, Singapore.
  10. Accepted/In press
    Siltaoja, M & Sorsa, V 2020, Diskurssianalyysi johtamis- ja organisaatiotutkimuksessa. in Laadullisen tutkimuksen olemus, olettamukset ja menetelmät. Gaudeamus.
  11. Vesa, M, Krohn, MHM & den Hond, F 2020, Frames of the field. in R Mir & A-L Fayard (eds), The Routledge Companion to Organizational Anthropology. Routledge.
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